“Make a difference in their life”
Your support will go a long way in financing meaningful initiatives to enrich the whole person development of VTC students, helping them unleash their potentials and equipping them with necessary skills and competencies to flourish and be able to contribute to our industry development, thereby building a better Hong Kong.

We sincerely invite you to support the VTC Student Development Foundation. 
“Student Bursary during COVID”
Hong Kong was confronted by unprecedented challenges in the past year; many of our students and their families are adversely impacted by COVID and the economic downturn.  Your donation not only would alleviate their immediate financial hardships on living expenses, but also allows them to get the necessary digital devices/data plans to continue their learning at the VTC.  Please join us to extend your helping hand.
“Your Support Their Future”
With the VTC Student Development Foundation, our students will be able to take part in our various enhancement programmes which normally are not available to them due to their financial constraints. Resources will also be allocated for the provision of scholarships, in recognition of academic excellence; bursaries and other forms of financial relief for needy students. It will also be used to upgrade training facilities conducive to the interactive learning journey of VTC students.
“We sincerely look forward to your continued staunch support”
In pursuit of quality and excellence in vocational and professional education and training, VTC has undertaken critical transformations that entail offering advanced skills programmes to support the industry growth, upgrading to smart campus, introducing innovative training facilities and experiential student development initiatives, your generous donations and steadfast support are crucial for our students' success and in helping them strive through new challenges in this ever changing global world.